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Welcome to Reflexology Plus

Chi-Reflexology & Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem
From head to toe Reflexology Plus offers a treatment blend especially for you!

Face Body Hands & Feet
Acupressure techniques, meridian therapy, colour work, counselling skills

Whether you are a potential client in need of some TLC or a reflexologist interested in my Hands in

Chi Wellness Links Workshops, informal ‘5 Elements Master Classes or mentoring sessions* I have over

18 years of caring reflexology experience and enthusiasm I’d love to share with you.

*Please refer to relevant page tabs for further details.

Enrich your Energy

Traditional Reflexology: A solid foundation. Reflexology follows the principle that reflexes in the feet mirror the body’s composition and correspond to states of health and wellbeing: ‘Stimulating’ these reflexes offers a natural way to assist good health maintenance.

Chi-Reflexology enhances this synergy: treatments are motivated by the natural health metaphors of the 5 Phases and yin yang theory embraced in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Philosophy. Their narrative provides an enriching therapeutic framework to augment traditional reflexology.

Extra ‘energetic maps’ are applied which attune to the ebb and flow of our natural rhythms - working with the body’s own energy circuit via the meridian network – it’s like an energy irrigation system connecting muscles, joints and organs to help clear clutter, restore and replenish vitality.

Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem combines a range of nourishing treatment modalities. Referencing aspects of TCM with facial maps of the body from ancient traditions in the Far East and South America; blended with modern neurology of the face and the cranial nervous system to create a coherent and revitalising treatment with a special clinical pedigree.


Reflexology Plus
Hands in Chi with Louise Exeter
Replenish & Renewal through the therapeutic power of touch.

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